If you’ve been blogging or even begun publishing your blogs, then you must’ve heard about Google Adsense. Bloggers would say that Adsense is all about making money through blogs, which is true. Although Adsense does not require any introduction, let’s have a brief discussion on it.

Google’s ad network, Adsense can be understood as a simple and free method of making money by placing ads on your website. It’s also referred to as a Pay Per Click (PPC) ad network. It does the challenging job of bringing together all the parties that are essential for online advertising. Basically, it serves as a platform where businesses looking for advertising can build relationships with websites that can sell ads.

How Does Adsense Work?

Adsense follows quite an easy method. With Adsense, the publishers or bloggers can utilize the free space on their blogs/websites to serve as Adsense ads. Further, Google Adsense pays the publisher for every valid click recorded on those ads by the visitors.

Adsense follows a strict policy for the websites that are interested in putting up ads on their free spaces. Its registration process must be followed very carefully to avoid any issues in the future.

Note: Adsense is infamous among many publishers for banning the websites/blogs who don’t abide by its terms and conditions.

Once you are signed up successfully, you’ll then be provided with ‘ad codes’, which can be placed on your websites. Google Adsense then automatically scans the content on the registered website and serves with relevant ads.

Now, when a visitor browses through your website and finds the ad interesting or relevant, they would click on the ad to reach the advertiser’s site. These clicks on ads add a certain amount on your Adsense account.

As per the policy, when your total earnings of valid clicks reach $100, then a cheque is sent to you. The delivery of cheques can be done to any place around the world. However, sometimes wired transfers are also done but only for limited countries.

How Much Can You Earn From Adsense?

Nobody can quote you an exact amount but we can put it in a bar of $0.01 to $20 per click. Moreover, your earning would depend on the following factors:

  • The quality of your website content.
  • The traffic your website attracts (more the traffic more will be the earnings).
  • Location of your ad units.
  • Overall reputation and quality of your website/blog.

How Safe Is Adsense?

Undoubtedly. Google Adsense is one of the most effective and trustworthy PPC ad networks. There are thousands of AdSense publishers who receive their pay cheques on monthly basis. Adsense is totally trustworthy and doesn’t spam your web design. All you must worry about is the content quality on your website, as it would only decide if you can register with Adsense or not.


I have covered the major ‘How’s’ related to Google Adsense, which are essential for a basic understanding of the ad network. So, if you’ve not implemented it till now, make sure you do it.

All You Need To Know About Google AdSense

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